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We also provide all types of pest control services for households, societies, hotels, banks, factories, companies, institutions etc..

General Disinfestations Service

Is recommended for control of cockroaches and other household pests such as Red & Black ants,

Termite Control Service

Termites belong to order ‘Isoptera’ meaning ‘Equal Wings’.

Bed-Bugs Control Service

Bed-Bugs Control Service is a cosmopolitan pest that is often found in human habitation.

Rodent Control Service

Rodents are intelligent mammals and related with mankind from hundreds of years.

Wood Borer Control Service

Powder post beetles also known as Woodborers. Unlike termite it is equally important pest, which destroys wood.

Mosquito Control Service

Mosquitoes are foremost in man's war against insects.

Bird pro Control Service

Droppings are unsightly on a residence or a corporate office, and in warehouses can cause very serious economic loss due to contamination of the stored product.

Dogs-Ticks Service

The dog tick is a 3–host tick, so must change host between the 3 stages of growth (larva, nymph and adult).