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Relax Pest Control Services


In mid of 2008 in Maharashtra a dream came true and the dream was Relax Pest Control Services Within 2 years with the help of all our customers trust in Maharashtra as well as other regions to satisfy the needs and hopes of the customers with the help of advanced technology and new generation insecticides.

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Our Services

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General Disinfestations Service

Since the period of our inception, we have been in the field to offer our clients General Disinfestation Services like disinfestations services, powder post beetle control and wooden boxes fumigation. Our offered services are quite effective in elimination of pests and insects, which are the main carriers of fatal disease causing bacteria and germs. We take on regular surveys in the affected area in order determine actual requirement of the chemicals and gases in order to tackle particular problem. Supervised by trained experts in this field of work, these services are also provided with various safety regulations to ensure harmless surroundings. Besides, these General Disinfestation Services are provided at most competitive rates to the clients.

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Termite Control Service

Termites belong to order ‘Isoptera’ meaning ‘Equal Wings’. There are six families, including dry-wood and damp-wood termites, and around 2300 species are known. Subterranean termites make coloniesin soil while dry-wood or damp-wood termite make colonies in wood. Around 230 species of termite s can be found in india.

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Bed-Bugs Control Service

Bed bugs live on human blood for survival. They generally hide in mattress seam and bed cracks. They may also hide in furniture and cracks & crevices in the wall. They spread mainly by baggage and clothing of travelers and visitors, bedding material and furniture. The bed bugs treatment may have to be repeated within a fortnight to ensure complete eradication of bed bugs.

The treatment is done by spraying the insecticide, especially in the seams of the mattress and other places infested by bed bugs

The bed bugs die on contact with the insecticide

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