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Bed-Bugs Control Service

Bed-Bugs Control Service is a cosmopolitan pest that is often found in human habitation. Adults are oval, wingless, 5mm long, rusty red in colour with a flattened body. Young bed bugs resemble the adults.

Bed Bug infestations are often picked up from cinema threaters, buses and trains and brought into homes on clothing , bedding and luggage. They also live on other animals and birds found near homes such as chickens, pigeons, mice and rats. Their bites cause irritation and loss of sleep for some people, while others are totally oblivious to their presence. Bed bugs are not usually considered to be disease carriers, however the disgusting odour associated with them causes a feeling of loathing. This odour is caused by the secretion from stink glands which the insect activates when disturbed.

  • Customer Responsibilities

    • Do not remove any items/ furniture from the room
    • Remove items from wardrobes/ cupboards
    • Remove items mounted on walls e.g. Mirrors, Photo frames, lights & electrical switch box covers etc
    • Remove linen from bed, Empty out bed box
    • If carpet is present, loosen from sides if it is glued / fixed to floor
    • Wash all linen and upholstery at 60 C temperature for minimum 20 minutes
  • For Commerical Facilities

  • After treatment

    • Replace all items removed from the walls
    • Replace all items removed from the Bed box and wardrobes
    • Organize room for re-use
  • Caution

    • Insecticides used for treatment are labeled for the specific use and have odour
  • Signs of Infection

    • Musty, Sweetish odour ,Blood spots on matters, pillow, bed Sheets, etc.
    • Excreted blood spots (Black, tarry residues) ,Adults or eggs (whitish, rice grain shaped )
    • Evidence of bites, cause swelling after 10-15 days