Relax Pest Control Services


In mid of 2008 in Maharashtra a dream came true and the dream was Relax Pest Control Services Within 2 years with the help of all our customers trust in Maharashtra as well as other regions to satisfy the needs and hopes of the customers with the help of advanced technology and new generation insecticides. Odorless & hassle free a new type of service and that also at no. 1 level. In the true sense the Co. was incorporated on 21st September 2008. With a sense of social responsibility in a short span of time Relax had many branches in Maharashtra .

Relax the co. as well as Relax as a team is very much committed to its duty and trustworthy. We were able to reach right in the hearts of the people of Maharashtra in a short span of time. The aim of Relax was to set up a branch in almost all district of Maharashtra.

Relax Pest Control Services came into existence in Maharashtra in famous Hotels, Restaurant, International as well as multinational Co.s, factories , reputed institutions and Societies. When Relax was established there was hardly 4-5 staff members and now it has expanded to 20 members and still expanding. Till now we have four branches in Mumbai and we are planning to expand our offices in all over Maharashtra. This fast development of Relax was within only 3 years. The main reason for the fast growth of Relax is due to its customer satisfaction. The customers which were with the Relax at the time of inception still continue to be with us. In Maharashtra Relax is No. 1 company in pest control filed in services and that also a Maharashtra in company. Keeping this mind and the people of Maharashtra having the blessing we are moving forwards in the road of progress.

Our Vision

To provide professionally managed "One Stop Environmental friendly services" with reliability / commitment / dedication to maintain and enhance the quality of services at realistic costs all under one roof with prime focus on satisfied customers.

Our Mission

As a company that continues to evolve, we treasure advice that we receive. We take feedback very seriously and are always prompt to look into them. We are only as good as our customers make us out to be, thus our team has learned to be flexible in meeting the myriad needs of our clients. All this would complete the circle and provide one window shopping for all customers thereby being assured that, "YOUR HEALTH AND PROPERTY IS SAFE FROM PEST".

How We Work?

Our treatment protocols are tailored to work as a partnership between our staff and customers using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods for treating and controlling pests. These solutions incorporate three basic steps: Inspection, Identification & Treatment.